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The Business and Technology of Zero-Knowledge Software

In the past year and a half I’ve written a few times about an encrypted email app we built at Black Chair called Parley. Parley, at this point, is essentially dead: the service has been in “pre-beta” for about 7 months, and we haven’t made any significant changes to it in at least 5. As it stands, I consider it an impressive accomplishment for our company, but it needs quite a bit more work before being ready for prime-time and it is unlikely to see those changes without a significant cash injection. (Basically, we chose a horrible intersection of the consumer space for a bootstrapped project: email software is very difficult to get right, encryption is very difficult to get right, they are both even more difficult to get right on mobile platforms, and—even worse—general consumers are not feeling any pain due to unencrypted email. We need to target businesses, and that’s an entirely different kettle of fish.) I’m not crazy about taking on investment for this sort of project (or rather, I’m incredibly picky about who we might take on as an investor) so Parley is basically on the shelf for now.