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Cash Money

“Cash is king” is such a stupid expression. I usually hear it in the context of fat cat Wall Street analysts discussing the assets of multi-billion dollar corporations, and I’m so used to tuning those voices out.

Which might be why I found myself in the following situation an embarrassing number of times this year: closing comfortable five-figure deals with a client in the afternoon and then walking 5km at night because I couldn’t afford the bus fare to meet up with my friends. Or raiding my pantry for a week while waiting for a cheque to clear, because I couldn’t afford groceries.

How To Make Money Via Email

Last week’s traffic generation lesson was about measurement; an extremely important topic, but admittedly not really capable of directly generating traffic on its own. Today’s lesson is different. In fact, experience tells me that for many established traditional small and medium businesses it is the single most valuable avenue for immediate qualified web traffic growth. That’s not an exaggeration; I would put money on it more often than not. (My bet would change depending on the industry, because certain industries are already almost leveraging it to its full potential.)

Today’s magical topic is email lists. The starting points on this vary greatly; many businesses already maintain a somewhat active mailing list, some collect addresses but don’t do anything valuable with them, and some don’t collect any email addresses at all. I’m going to assume the latter and start from the ground floor; if your business is past that then just keep reading—we’ll get to your case shortly.