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How To Make Money With Twitter, Facebook, et al.

Last lesson was about email; today I want to talk (ie. write) about social media. I’ll be discussing it in mostly a general marketing context—social media can also be very useful as a customer service or recruiting tool (which obviously overlaps with marketing) but those could each be another lesson on their own.

First, a quick disclaimer: while I know a lot of fantastic people who work as social media consultants (and would be more than happy to refer some), Black Chair doesn’t really do that or pretend to. We do occasionally design and manage online campaigns which have a social media component, and we often build social media integrations for apps or web sites, but we don’t tell you what to tweet or analyse your Facebook feed and tell you which posts to “Like”. Social media is a whole different universe, but the basics are really accessible for any business owner. It’s worth understanding, regardless of whether or not it’s a good fit for your business.